Wooden days of the week

Wooden days of the week

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The Days of the Week Slab Set is made of 7 handmade timber mini slabs + are the perfect addition to any play or learning space. 

Each Mini Slab is made from solid timber, cut from salvaged or fallen branches + is individually sanded on all edges for a beautiful, soft, tactile experience.

The Slabs are engraved on one side, each with a day of the week. 

These could be incorporated into play in many ways to invite learning opportunities!

Use them with Day Of The Week Dolls, in a familiar place to display today’s day, to help children build on the concept of time/calendars/cycles, to puzzle into order, to begin to recognise frequent use words, or simply to stack + play with your blocks or incorporate into small world play when not in use.

These are made in Byron Bay, from locally + ethically sourced, raw natural materials. As such, each is unique + vary slightly in size, colour + position of engraving. This isn’t seen as a defect, but a testament to the beauty + variety found in nature.

NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age. To be used under adult supervision.

approx 75mm diameter x 10mm depth.