You Can Change the World  ~ the kids guide to a better planet by Lucy Bell

You Can Change the World ~ the kids guide to a better planet by Lucy Bell

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Every day we see a problem we would like to fix. A piece of rubbish in a green, grassy park. Plastic water bottles buried in the sand at the beach. A garbage bin overflowing onto the street. A skinny, stray dog. A homeless person on a cold day. These problems seem impossible for one person to change, but we can fix them, if we each do our part ~ one step at a time.

This practical guide is designed to empower kids to make changes in their lives to help make a difference in the world. Filled with information, ideas + activities, + interspersed with features on amazing children around the world.

This book shows kids how to:

  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Throw a plastic-free party
  • Make a compost bin + reduce waste
  • Start a herb garden
  • Grow bee friendly flowers
  • Learn about where their food comes from
  • Be kinder to others, share + donate
Kids are on a mission to make our earth a better, safer, happier place.

And anyone can join in.

About the Author

Lucy Bell is a book editor + music teacher on a journey to live a more ethical, sustainable + mindful life.

After getting her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Sydney with majors in English + Ancient History, Lucy studied a Master of Publishing. Now she works for a social-purpose publishing house making big differences + helping fund not-for-profits + charities to close the literacy gap.

Lucy grew up on the NSW Central Coast surrounded by four siblings, a cat, two dogs, two sheep, a lizard, lots of guinea pigs + thirteen chickens. She now lives in Sydney + while watering her balcony garden, dreams of one day owning her own country farmhouse.