Happy ~ a children's book of mindfulness by Nicola Edwards + Katie Hickey

Happy ~ a children's book of mindfulness by Nicola Edwards + Katie Hickey

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We breathe deep + expand like the galaxy, we breathe out many thousands of stars, and if ever we start to feel panicky, this reminds us of just who we are.

The perfect soothing read for quiet time, 'Happy' gently encourages young readers to explore their emotions + the beautiful world around them, with stunning illustrations + thought-provoking rhymes on every page. This poetic journey to a place of happiness + calm will inspire + empower your child to enjoy the practice of mindfulness.

HB / 32p

About the Author

Nicola was raised by the seaside in beautiful Brighton. She loves reading, dancing, rhyming + turquoise things. She now lives with her husband in East London and spends her days writing + editing children's books. Katie is a freelance illustrator who graduated from Falmouth University in beautiful (and slightly soggy) Cornwall, England.

About the Illustrator

Katie takes inspiration from her travels + surroundings to create characterful + atmospheric images. She particularly loves creating illustrations about the quirky stories + characters she meets along the way. Katie's work is also heavily inspired by 20th century book illustration with its colour palettes + printing processes. She uses a combination of hand rendered print processes + digital techniques to create her work.